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When you’ve just had new tiles installed, or when you’ve just had your tiles and grout cleaned, you’d naturally like them to look like new for as long as possible. Grout is porous and various tiles can be as well, some more than other tiles, so the best way to protect them is by sealing them.

This involves the application of a chemical solution, which soaks into the surface. This can extend the life of your tiles and grout, as well as assist in keeping them clean, hygienic and presentable.

Dynamic Carpet & Tile Cleaning uses an impregnating sealer, which offers high protection from water and stains, lasting up to 15 years.We also offer premium colour sealing to revamp grout lines. With a big range of colours, grout lines can be made lighter or darker, or they can be given a completely new colour. Colour sealing resists staining and makes cleaning easier, avoiding harsh chemicals.

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